Tips for riding safely

Here are some tips to ride a motorcycle the right and safe way.

The clutch is your enemy

The Brakes slow you down - not the CLUTCH. So, Why Are You Pulling the Clutch Lever In.

​During an emergency stop, the clutch is an extra control and will take away much needed concentration from the brakes - the important controls. In fact, if you pull the clutch in while you brake, it will just make you go faster.

In doubt?? Of course you will be, because the "book" says - To slow down - use both brakes gently, pull the clutch in and shift down the gears.

Understand this: The clutch is your connection between the engine and the rear wheel. If you pull the clutch lever in, the rear wheel is essentially in neutral or unloaded, making it roll quicker.

​Not to mention the fact that if the rear wheel is rolling "free/unloaded", it is more prone to "lock-up" under heavy braking and thus inducing a slide. Hmmm.....this wears the brake pads too....

​In addition, if you follow what the book says and shift down the gears with the clutch pulled in, you won't know what gear you are in. That means that you will always be in doubt, especially if you have to increase speed during the braking process - as in if the light turns green as you are approaching it.

​Now if you have "control" over the clutch, you will be able to use both the brakes to their full capability and add the engine and the gears to slow you down better and also know what gear you are in.

Interested - Lets do a simple test - in a large, safe parking lot with absolutely zero traffic, reach about 40 miles per hour then use the brakes and the clutch try to stop as quickly as you can. Repeat without using the clutch and see the difference. Of course the engine will quit but would you rather stop safely then have an impact. Note - With practice, you know how to down shift to the right gear and also pull the clutch in as you come to a stop without the engine quitting - hint: Pull the clutch in about the same time that you put your left foot down. Another hint: You have to be in first gear every time you come to a stop.

Intrigued - Have you seen the pros ride with their left hand resting on their knee. Well, they are not using the clutch at all.... Try it - Shift your gears without using the clutch, especially the higher gears... The look on your face in understandable - Just try it. There is a sweet spot to change gears and in almost all cases you do not have to use the clutch - Experiment and you will find it.

YEEAA - Freedom from the clutch. That means that you can now keep your fingers on the grip instead of feathering the clutch and concentrate on the brakes.

​Whether you have been riding for years or you are just starting out, you can pick up this technique with the right Training. Come in and spend a couple of hours...We know what we are doing and guarantee results....Or You Do Not PAY....

Engine Braking - Gear Checking - Down Shifting

Your best braking is when you use both brakes together when the wheels are in a straight line.

Add Gear Checking to this and your Stopping Distance decreases and also gets you into the correct gear. This is the secret experienced motorcyclist use to keep the shiny side up.

It is not taught because it is difficult to do so. Having said that, we at know that this is the only way to ride and to teach, and have consistently been able to train this technique. Our Training Methods deliver Results whether you are just taking your first steps or have been riding for years. Come check us out. If you do not see an Improvement, there is no charge. Absolutely None. And, the technique can be mastered by an intermediate rider in a single session of 2 hours.