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Not Rocket Science

If you can ride a bicycle, there is a high probability that you will ride a motorcycle. In fact, we make it look easy, offer a - Results Or You Do Not Pay - guarantee and have a near 100% success rate.

Instructions are clear and simple and all controls are explained in beginner, non-technical terms. Results are achieved in a relatively short period of time, you will learn at your own pace and be surprised as to how much fun it can be.

$150 for a 2 hour session - includes use of Motorcycle, Helmet and Gas....... All sessions are 1:1 Private Instruction ...............Pay As You Go.............. Relaxed and friendly instructors who have been riding motorcycles for decades and are genuinely interested.

Sessions are 2 hours. 7 days a week.

DMV Test for your M1 License. No Problem. We can guide you in the process, come to the DMV with you and Rent our Scooter or Motorcycle for this.

Need more time to practice - Rent one of our Motorcycles or Scooters - Our prices are the lowest.

In short, everything you want to know and need to know with Motorcycle and Scooter Instruction. You will not be disappointed. Most of our students are surprised at the ease with the Methods in which we conduct our Training and how Quickly they gain Confidence and Control. In most cases, it takes about 4-5 hours or less.

We do not give a DMV certificate or license

The State Certified Course gives you a Certificate. This is a 15 hour Course and is conducted in a Group setting with 6 students to an instructor. We have the Highest Respect for the instructors here - They are some of the most dedicated and enthusiastic individuals we have met but even with all their dedication, there is a limit to how much they can effectively communicate in a group setting. The State also requires that all aspects of motorcycling are covered - This makes the Course an extremely time sensitive enterprise and can be overwhelming for an absolute beginner. Most students here have some motorcycling experience and they will roll along: but if you are stuck behind, then rarely are you assisted.

We give Private 1:1 Motorcycle Lessons.

We keep it simple and make you understand the what, why and how each step/skill is to be completed. Sometimes you pick up quick and sometimes you don't - and that is just fine. We just change the training technique to suit your needs. There is no anxiety to perform and gentle mistakes are encouraged so you know exactly what not to do.

Nearly half our students have attended the Course and are here to get more clarity and practice. This is the smart thing to do as licensed does not necessary mean experienced. The smarter ones come before they attend the Course - Now you are not only stepping into the Course with a lot more confidence, but also be able to understand better the many subjects they cover.

We teach you only 2 things - How to Stop and How to Turn. Oh, we also emphasize on Slow Speed Riding, Slow Speed Turns, Use of Both Brakes, Fluidity in Changing Gears, Being in the Correct Gear, Higher Speed Braking, Uphill Starts and Riding with a Relaxed Posture.

We are also in the firm belief that you cannot learn a complex task if you are not comfortable. We do not want to be Drill Sergeants or deliver a boring lecture - We are here to have fun too and make you enjoy this experience.

We can help you to get a full motorcycle license

Our training is designed to give you full control. The California DMV Motorcycle Skills Test is designed to test your ability to balance, control speed and change direction simultaneously. It is our strong opinion that all motorcyclists should be able to do this test easily, even if you have passed the Course. If not, then you have limited control on your motorcycle. Now, please understand, this Test is not easy and takes a certain amount of training and practice. But the time invested is making you a better motorcyclist.

There is no quick easy way to do this. Motorcycling may be the most dangerous activity you will ever do in your life. It is also more complex than learning to drive a car. There are more controls, the ability to balance and the use of strength and coordination.

Ask yourself the question - How long did it take you to learn how to drive? Well, this activity is more difficult. Also, did you learn in a group??

The "One Drum" Training System

Motorcycling is "too many things at the same time" and that is exactly how we don't teach it. We teach you one thing/control at a time. Thus, instructions are not - Do this and then this and add this but don't do this. Instead you will hear words like - The only thing you will do is.... or We will do the same thing and then this.

We have created a unique Training System where we Isolate each Control. This makes you understand best what the purpose of each is and how it connects to the entire routine.

We call this - The One Drum Training System. We teach you a drum, let you practice and perfect it and then add another and another to finally make music.

Yes, you read right. What we do here is absolutely different from the other schools. If we don't see Results we evolve. We have done this so long that we know exactly what to and not to do and when to change things.

We get paid after the session. Not before. If you are not satisfied, you do not pay. Simple. Is this not what is called - A Win-Win Situation

Look Ma, I am in third gear

Mother would be happier if you could come to a stop quicker - Everytime. We can get you into Second or Third Gear within the hour or earlier. Having said that, the real skill is to come to a Guaranteed Stop - Everytime. We build from a Slow Start to a Slow Stop on to Slow Speed and then to Turn Quicker and Lean more. Only if you are in control at a certain speed should you and will we ask you to go faster.

There is no point doing fractions if you do not know multiplication. On a motorcycle the results are more drastic than an incorrect answer.

The Great 2 Hour Magic Trick

This is bad for our business. Real Bad.

On a regular basis, athletic males with good balance are now learning from scratch to side streets in 2 hours. After more than a decade of Motorcycle Instruction, we have simplified our training technique to a near science. Instructions are basic, the steps flow seamlessly and there is minimal effort for both - instructor and student.

Nobody, Nobody else can get it right this quick. Makes you wonder why. Us too.

Some outside instructors have got in "dummy" students, GoPros have been used and we have been studied from cars parked in the distance.

We save lives. We can only train a handful and in the Spirit of Sharing, this is an open invite to all Instructors, Associations, Research Organizations and Government Bodies - We will share our techniques. They are real simple and real effective. Contact us - We love to talk Motorcycle.

Our sessions are 2 hours each and we insist on not doing more than that. Fatigue sets in and it is best to come another day to improve muscle memory and clarify doubts.


Reach out and schedule at the earliest. Having said that, cancellations do pop up and we can do same day or next day sessions almost all the time.

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What our clients say

A small extract what our clients had to say. For more reviews please visit us on Yelp.

I'd like to thank you for your superb instruction during my first riding session with you yesterday. Your knowledge of riding and the way you present your lessons were extremely helpful.


I had a blast today and your instruction was patient and extremely beneficial. I went from knowing nothing to riding a motorcycle in less than two hours. Amazing.


I had a great time learning and woke up even hungrier to get back on and continue the process. I am looking forward to working out the fear factor of speed and control.


I have rented many times and keep coming back. Real nice people and prices that cannot be beat / are a fraction of anywhere else.