Private Motorcycle Lessons in Los Angeles

Motorcycle and Helmet provided.

All sessions on 1:1 basis

60 minutes or less to Start from a Stop, Return to a Controlled Stop and make Decent Turns. Shifting at the end of 90-120 minutes. This is the average time for most of our students. Individuals who have reduced Balance (difficulty riding a bicycle) take longer.

Save on repair and insurance premiums

The money spent being trained under an experienced instructor in a controlled environment is a fraction of what you would on motorcycle repair and higher insurance premiums. And, we are not even talking of the injuries which accompany each fall. Most of our students had tried everything else and almost given up before they came to us. We are passionate about what we do and train with the attitude of not only changing your lives but actually saving them.

100% satisfaction guarentee

Success and Satisfaction is Assured. Over the past 12 years, we have helped thousands to improve their skills and our achievements give us the confidence to give you the security to walk away if no progress is made. ABSOLUTELY NO CHARGE.

This is a non-DMV, non-certified course designed to increase your skills and help you work towards your M1 License.

From the Hurt Study

  • 01

    Riders involved in accidents essentially without training

    92% were self-taught or learned from family or friends. Motorcycle rider training experience reduces accident involvement and is related to reduced injuries in the event of accidents.

  • 02

    90% of accidents within 60 minutes

    Ninety percent of all motorcycle crashes happen within the first hour of riding; fifty percent happen within the first six minutes.

The Hurt study, published in 1981, was a ground-breaking report on the causes and effects of motorcycle accidents. Although more than 30 years old at this time, the study still offers riders insight into the statistics regarding motorcycle accidents and tips on safer riding.