low overheads reflect in our low prices. 

What is next after your training. …….To ride into the sun of course.

​ Hmmm…Need a motorcycle…Rent one of ours.

Our students are ready to hit the road with their new skills and we have guided them through the purchase of their first bikes. First bikes should be low powered, lightweight and easy to handle, but the new purchase is soon traded for a bigger motorcycle leaving a dent on your finances and time.

Our solution to this, and an extension to our passion, started with Low Priced Rentals for Honda Nighthawk 250cc. Our Prices have attracted others who need bigger cc bikes and thus we added to our fleet. Our bikes are now headed to San Francisco and San Diego.

Don't discount the 250s though - they are great bikes to go around the city due to their handling in traffic and parking. Freeway Legal, they reach 65-70 mph easily.

Our low overheads reflect in our low prices and the savings are transferred directly to you. What you are paying for is a good reliable motorcycle - No Fancy Showroom with over friendly staff.

Hey - Our efforts are reciprocated by our renters and they take care of our bikes - Sometimes the bikes come back cleaner then they left.

Weekend Special - At ride2rideagain, the only thing that matters is the ride. To make the most of your weekend, we want you to leave early from your location - or even take off on Friday evening itself, not come down to ours and sort out paperwork. In that respect, pick up on Friday after 4 pm at No Extra Charge.

Honda Nighthawk 250cc

Daily $50 - 200 mile limit

$0.20 per extra mile after that.​​


​ Yamaha 650cc VStar Classic - Shaft Drive. Option of Windshield and smaller saddle bags..

Daily $60 - 200 mile limit

$0.20 per extra mile after that.


Suzuki C50 800cc - Shaft Drive. Option of Windshield and Bags

 Daily $60 - 200 mile limit
 $0.20 per extra mile after that.​

​ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Honda Metropolitan 50cc Scooter. No Gears and too much fun

Monthly $600 - 1000 mile limit
$0.20 per extra mile after that.

COMMERCIAL LIABILITY INSURANCE is included in this price. SALES TAX @ 8.75% is EXTRA. Standard Rental Agreement issued.

NO Additional/Extra charges besides the Rental and Sales Tax.

Riders over 21 years with M1 Licence only. International Motorcycle Licence is ok. We accept Credit and Debit Cards, Paypal, Venmo or Cash. Cash payments need an additional $2000 deposit when picking up and sufficient photo identification - Driver Licence, Passport etc.


We now do not rent if you have recently been licensed or do not have street riding experience. Not as an upsell, but you should come in for a training session and evaluation. We have had too many newbies renting and not fully understanding what they are stepping into. Our Nighthawks are now reserved for our students to progress on to the streets.

All motorcycles rented come with a New Oil Change, Tune-Up and in Good Mechanical Condition. 

Loaner Helmet Available. Jackets are available to rent for $10 per day. Max of $30 for a week.


We can deliver for one way taxi fare.

ALL RENTALS ARE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY but you are welcome to call. We just may have one to rent.


Guided Tours - Only if you get lost, will you find something new.

We are wanderers. We pedaled our bicycles till we ran out of steam and rode our mopeds wishing for more power. Motorcycles increased our footprint and the world was ours to explore. We come from a time without GPS and a place where maps were for general direction. We always wanted to know where the other road leads to and check the view from the top of the hill and then the next.

One of the many wanderers who regularly walks in is David. His friend from New York rents one of our Suzukis and they keep us updated on their many trips. David is French and now lives in Hollywood. An excellent voiceover talent, he loves to explore the many opportunities that are present in Southern California. We have convinced him to lend his expertise to our renters and he has agreed to accompany you to explore our fabulous roads and fine scenery. You can reach out directly to him at - davidduclosus@gmail.com



Rental Companies make profit in selling you Insurance. Our Daily Rate includes Standard Commercial Liability Insurance and keeping with

Industry Standards - Renter is only responsible for $2000 to cover the motorcycle in case of Theft or Accident. This is the "Deductible" which you

have to pay even after buying "Full" Insurance.

You would be paying approximately $20 per day with any other Motorcycle Rental Company for this kind of coverage.


Check out our yelp page: http://www.yelp.com/biz/lax-motorcycle-rental-hawthorne

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